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What is it?

We’ve taken traditional 1-to-1  GCSE Tutoring to the next level. Adding more quality, consistency and care whilst adopting a far more innovative and modern overall learning environment that students simply love. (Try it)

Our team of Senior Teachers, Educationalists and Role Model GCSE Trainers deliver a high impact 1-to-1 tailored programme of training, coaching, tuition and support to secondary aged children throughout the UK.

Each programme is tailored to an individual’s needs, but can include GCSE 1-to-1 Tuition in any core subject, coaching and motivation, self- esteem and confidence building, exam preparation and focus.

Our 1-to-1 sessions are delivered remotely via our online training platform with webchat, videoconferencing and whiteboard features to enable flexible learning, along with email support.

With no long- term tie ins, we simply help you and your child stay on track to achieve those grades, without the stress, whilst developing lifelong learning skills.  Simple, but very effective.

Our programme is adapted to fit each student’s level and learning objectives and fits in around school schedules and social lives at the weekend and after school. A typical programme will include 1 or 2 high impact 50 minute 1-to-1 sessions each week. These can be subject subject specific or coaching or both.

How it Works

Firstly, we’ll discuss and agree exactly what you want to achieve. This might include improving upon current grades, increasing motivation, building self- confidence and developing aspirations. Or you might want us to discuss and agree this with the student directly, which is absolutely fine.

Based on the above we’ll then select our most appropriate GCSE Trainer (Tutor & Coach) who will be tasked to deliver the above objectives, with our full support and management oversight.  We take immense car and diligence when matching our GCSE Trainers with Students to ensure they will positively connect and inspire each student to GCSE Success.

Regular session times are agreed throughout the week or weekend, where our GCSE Trainers will work with your student. Your student will have one central point of contact co-ordinating all their sessions and tracking their progress.  Optional non-subject sessions may include an exam technique session, or an insight into University life or career options, all of which is fully included in the price.

We take great care in organising and arranging all these sessions, we plan and agree the best times to talk, creating a work and study schedule of needs to be achieved by when.  Keeping on track throughout the school year is demanding, so we inspire and motivate them as well as holding them to account when needed.

For some parents who are able to play a more active role in their child’s education we can help plan and co-ordinate highly effective strategies and activities to help achieve the desired aims we are all working towards.

At regular intervals, and in consideration of their school work commitments, we test and track their progress to identify knowledge gaps that require attention, and to stay on task and on track.

Why it Works

Teenagers are going through a tremendous process of change.  Apply the stress and pressures of GCSEs and it’s not surprising that so many underachieve or end up so stressed out that they turn their backs on their potential.  The resulting parent-child struggle at home can be enormous, with many families close to breaking point.  It really doesn’t need to be this way.

It’s a fact that the modern GCSE is harder and has more content than previous years.  Understanding the key skills and content required for each subject is crucial to exam success.  We take the exam board specification as a starting point and use past questions to ascertain your child’s learning gaps.  Regular practice of these skills is key in preparing and achieving the best for your child in these final  exams.

Simply hiring a tutor is a very inefficient way of doing well at GCSE. Real success at GCSE is about understanding the Why?  Turning your child into a motivated learner through an in-depth understanding of their own personal aspirations is a key step in working out how they are going to achieve success. Which is why our friendly and professional role models constantly nurture the belief that if you are determined to succeed no-one can stop you! We then coach, train, signpost and tutor them towards achieving their desired outcomes.

In addition to our Role Model Trainers, the entire programme is overseen by a dedicated senior leadership team of teachers, educationalists and entrepreneurs who weekly review everyones progress and relentlessly adapt and improve aspects of each individuals programme to maximise its effect.  In short, we really do care and deliver.

Interesting, Yes?

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Expert Tutors

Graduate calibre tutors (often with recent GCSE, A-level & University exam experience),  deliver our high impact 1-to-1 GCSE Sessions. Connecting brilliantly and acting as great role models that inspire success.

Skilled Coaches

Combining the best coaching techniques to motivate and inspire children to reach their potential, while maintaining perspective and instilling life long learning skills. (Whilst Having Fun Too).

Great Management

Our Senior Management Team proactively ensure learner progress by evaluating 1-to-1 session recordings and feedback, keeping everyone fully focussed and on track.