For Schools

Our Offer

We don’t just work with parents, we work with schools too.

Target key pupils, or key groups of pupils such as Pupil Premium, FSM, school refusers, excluded pupils, anxious pupils, low attainers, high attainers or gifted and talented or all of Year 9,10 & 11, with our highly cost effective intervention to raise morale, motivation and attainment that you can switch on or off at will.

Based on campus from the University of Sussex Innovation Centre, our team of Role Model GCSE Trainers connect brilliantly with secondary aged children after school and at weekends.

For schools we can also offer on-site or remote daytime sessions too, as we’re always here planning away.

Making it the perfect option to target key pupils, with proper tracking and reporting to validate effectiveness.

How it Works

Our after-school programme is adapted to fit each students level and objectives, and fits around school work and time.

A typical programme will include two high impact bite sized 1-1 sessions lasting approximately 30 minutes each week.  These can be coaching or tuition focused depending on the schools or students requirements.  Additional email and telephone support, along with motivational prompts, help keep them on track.

Our aim is to help every child to succeed, whatever succeeding means to them. And if they’ve set the bar too low, we’ll raise their aspirations appropriately.

Why it Works

For most students, the fastest way to improve attainment is to alter their mindset.  A mindset of not wanting to learn, or not feeling capable of achieving the next level holds many students back from achieving their true potential.  We listen and empathise with their concerns, then adopt a range of suitable tried and tested coaching techniques to break down those learning barriers.

Most of our handpicked role model tutors are 3rd year or post graduates still studying at University, so the age gap is small, and they have very recent school experience, enabling them to connect brilliantly with younger pupils, sharing similar aspirations and concerns, whilst being great inspirations for boys and girls to do well.  They are also incredibly patient and make learning cool, something which is very hard to achieve within many school environments.

Expert Tutors

Graduate calibre tutors (often with recent GCSE, A-level & University exam experience),  deliver our high impact 1-to-1 GCSE Sessions. Connecting brilliantly and acting as great role models that inspire success.

Skilled Coaches

Combining the best coaching techniques to motivate and inspire children to reach their potential, while maintaining perspective and instilling life long learning skills. (Whilst Having Fun Too).

Great Management

Our Senior Management Team proactively ensure learner progress by evaluating 1-to-1 session recordings and feedback, keeping everyone fully focussed and on track.