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What is it?

Our team of educationalists, teachers, role model tutors and parenting coaches deliver a high impact 1-1 tailored programme of tuition, coaching and support to 10 to 16 year old’s throughout the UK.  Each programme is tailored to an individuals need, but often involves 1-1 tuition covering 2 or more subjects, combined with coaching and motivational tips and prompts to help stay on track to achieve those grades.

How it Works

Our programme is adapted to fit each students level and objectives, and fits around their school and social lives. A typical programme will include two high impact bite sized 1-1 sessions lasting approximately 30 minutes each week. These can be tuition or coaching focused with additional email and telephone support to compliment self-study. Motivational reminders and prompts will help extract them from distractions. We focus either on a deeper understanding of current school work (especially if the student is finding this a challenge) or on higher grade content.

Why it Works

Because when students feel in control, we can nurture the growth mindset. The first thing we do is understand the student, their school and home environment, their motivations and their de-motivations. We discuss what they want to achieve and together we work out exactly how to get there (a very powerful coaching technique) backed up by support to keep them on track.  We believe if a student is determined to learn then they’re unstoppable. We nurture unstoppables.

Why Choose Us

There are a variety of reasons why parents and schools choose us, but here are 3 main ones:

Expert Tuition

High achieving university students with recent GCSE examination experience deliver our high impact programme, as well as acting as great role models that help inspire children further to succeed.

Skilled Coaches

Combining the best coaching techniques to motivate and inspire children to reach their potential, while maintaining perspective and instilling life long learning skills. (Always with good humour).

Total Support

As well as 1-1 sessions, we offer full telephone and email support to parents and students. Answering student queries and concerns or blocks, and offering 1-1 parenting advice and guidance for those tricky times we all go through. We’re here for you.

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