About Us

Our Passion

Whilst working as an elected school governor in London and Brighton, Rick was very aware of the need for additional GCSE Support for many students.  However the quality and effectiveness of the 1-to-1 GCSE tuition market was incredibly inconsistent, with many so called “5 star” tutors delivering great first (rated) 1-to-1 sessions followed by dreary, unchecked and sub-standard 1-to-1 sessions to polite but unaware students.

Surely there needed to be higher standards, proper methodologies, innovation and evidence based accountability! Discussing this with Donna, a senior teacher and long-time friend, the two struck upon the innovative idea of a one-stop education provider that proactively managed and ensured high quality specialist GCSE tuition & coaching for all young people.

The two set about building, designing and creating a service that combined brilliant tutors & coaches, with proactive management and monitoring, underpinned with real professional development.

A service that removes the risk, and allows parents and schools to get specialist GCSE support for any student, in any subject and at any level.  Safe in the knowledge that quality and progress is being constantly monitored and improved for the benefit of all.

GCSE Success was founded with the idea that there must be a better way for all, and that means tutors & coaches as well! Having worked in education ourselves, we fully appreciate the impact that targeted professional development can have on student outcomes, which is why we are constantly innovating and supporting all our GCSE Trainers to become even better than they are today.

Expert Tutors

Graduate calibre tutors (often with recent GCSE, A-level & University exam experience),  deliver our high impact 1-to-1 GCSE Sessions. Connecting brilliantly and acting as great role models that inspire success.

Skilled Coaches

Combining the best coaching techniques to motivate and inspire children to reach their potential, while maintaining perspective and instilling life long learning skills. (Whilst Having Fun Too).

Great Management

Our Senior Management Team proactively ensure learner progress by evaluating 1-to-1 session recordings and feedback, keeping everyone fully focussed and on track.