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1. We employ brilliant tutors, coaches, teachers, motivators & role models who are passionate about helping young people succeed (Our GCSE Trainers).
2. Our GCSE Trainers deliver 1-to-1 GCSE Tuition & Coaching using our Specialist GCSE Success Methodology, including Flip Learning and Positive Growth Mindset techniques (along with ongoing professional development).
3. Most learners opt for 1 or more after-school 50 minute 1-to-1 sessions per week.
4. We deliver all our 1-to-1 sessions through our amazing learning and teleconferencing platform, with coursework upload, interactive whiteboard and playback option for added retention.
5. All our 1-to-1 sessions are recorded for quality, training and safeguarding purposes.
6. Our Senior Management Team proactively ensure learner progress by evaluating 1-to-1 session recordings and feedback (underpinning quality and a key component of our GCSE Trainers Professional Development).
7. We’ve no silly set-up or joining fees, just a single payment for each session. It’s really as simple as that.
8. We’re an easily contactable education provider passionate about helping young people succeed. If you need a bit of help, please do get in touch on 0330 2000 345 or or book an appointment and come and meet us. (We work directly with both parents and schools alike).
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Home GCSE Success
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Home GCSE Success
All Core GCSE Subjects
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